Wove Zero-Twist Towel

  • Bath Towel
  • Hand Towel
  • 100% cotton spun in a zero-twist weave making an extraordinarily soft bath towel.
  • Crafted using only premium long-staple cotton to maximize absorption and durability.
  • No harmful chemicals or dyes, as measured by the strict OEKO-TEX® standard, for even the most sensitive skin.

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Bath Towel Callouts

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Bath Towel Features

Wove Towel

Standard Towel

See those loops? Zero twists!

… and those rigid bristle like things on the right? A standard bath towel. Wove’s zero-twist cotton strands gently glide over your body, absorbing water without roughing up your skin.

Learn more about zero-twist!

Zero-twist bath towels are one of the most luxurious types of towel on the market. Instead of twisting cotton together, zero-twist towels loop cotton through the towel, creating large smooth surfaces that brush up against your skin, instead of pointy twists.
Standard towels use twisted yarns. These yarns have to be spun multiple times to allow the material to be strong enough to be used. Zero-twist towels use yarns that are inherently stronger, thicker, and longer. They do not need to be twisted together to give them strength.
Absolutely — it’s like night and day. If you don’t immediately feel the difference, you can send the towel back for a full refund. We’ll even pay for return shipping. We get it’s sometimes hard to trust some text on a screen.
No. Zero-twist towels can be cared for just like any other towel. They’re machine washable and dry-able, though typically we recommend to use a gentle cycle.

No skin agitation

Smooth loops gently glide over your skin instead of hard bristles. It’s not a blanket, but it’s pretty close.

Highly absorbent

Loops trap water inside of them, where twists would just push the water away.

Faster drying

More of each cotton strand is exposed to air, allowing water to evaporate quicker. Science!

Made the Right Way

We believe in the journey of a product just as much as the end result.

It’s the responsibility of us, those who craft products, to make them responsibly and ethically. See more here.

Bath Towels: 55″ x 28″ • 700 GSM • 1.5 lbs
Hand Towels: 28″ x 20″ • 700 GSM • 0.5 lbs

Model wearing a soft bath towel

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