We take pride in having fair labor practices and doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

This manifesto applies to our factory. We hope it will inspire others producing products in emerging markets to do the same.

Farmer inspecting cotton

Treat everyone like humans

  • All employees are adults, over the age of 18. No child labor.
  • We have a firm zero discrimination policy based on gender, color, and religion.
  • We provide on-site health clinics, reduced cost meals, and ample break time.

Take proactive environmental protection measures

  • We recycle steam for energy efficiency.
  • We process and sanitize wastewater via an on-site water treatment plant.
  • We don’t use azo-based dyes which have been proven to have a significant adverse environmental impact.

Be accountable

  • Our facility has been granted the SA8000 Social Accountability Standard certificate.

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