The bath towel for sensitive skin.

Soft towels with smooth loops instead of twists.

Hair wrapped in towel

Home of the zero-twist.

Wove towels are the original 100% zero-twist towel, which make them feel like you’re drying off with a big fluffy cloud.

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Feeling good both outside and inside.

Each towel is made in a factory with environmentally friendly and socially responsible production practices. It’s a product that makes you feel good while helping others do the same.

That’s how it should be.

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We’re proud of what we make.

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Long-Staple Cotton

We screen each fiber for quality, length, and durability.


Ethical Consumerism

We treat all humans involved in production fairly and equally.

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Green Standards

No environmentally harmful dyes are used in manufacturing.

Free returns? Oh yeah.

It’s hard to test out stuff over the internet. That’s why you can send a Wove towel back on us for a full refund if you don’t love it.