The Ultimate Bathroom Towel Storage Guide

Whether a half bathroom, full bathroom, or master bathroom, bath towels are an essential staple for both use and aesthetic. However, towels are also bulky and can easily clutter up the space if not placed properly throughout the room. Whether decorating and maintaining a small guest bathroom or a spacious master bathroom, there are plenty of fashionable and practical solutions for every space. Explore our ultimate bathroom towel storage guide for beautiful, tidy design ideas for every style.

Small Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

When it comes to small bathrooms, every inch of free space is critical. Bath towels need to play double duty and work as part of the décor while maintaining utility. With limited space, neatly organizing these towels can present a challenge. But do not fear! There are plenty of great, space-saving ideas even when room is scarce. 

  • Use the counter – A great option to present towels in a bathroom with very limited floor space is to use the countertops. This idea is especially useful for bathrooms with larger vanities or wide counters. 
Bath towels in basket on counter
  • Wicker baskets – For bathrooms with a neutral color scheme or minimalist design, wicker baskets are the perfect way to simultaneously show off and store bath towels. Wicker baskets are lightweight, resistant to moisture, and will keep the towels contained. Simply roll up the towels and place propped up inside, starting with the largest towels in the back and smallest towels at the front to create a towel bouquet.
  • Decorative fruit bowls – Yes, you read that right! Fruit bowls can be used for more than just displaying food on the kitchen counter. To add a more regal or sophisticated touch to the bathroom, try a decorative glass fruit bowl, rolling and placing the towels in the same fashion as the wicker basket above.

Tip: Looking to go the extra mile to really wow guests? Add a ribbon with a bow around the towel bouquet or place a decorative soap bar at the front of the towels for a beautiful display.

  • Look to the wall – When approaching bathroom towel storage in a small space, look upward! Walls are the perfect blank canvas that can be transformed into a variety of storage ideas.
  • Floating shelves – Floating shelves are a classic for organizing towels. Floating shelves come in a wide range of styles and colors to match any aesthetic, while maintaining a clean, crisp look. Dedicate a floating shelf to neatly folded towels, starting with the largest size at the bottom to make a visually-pleasing pyramid.
  • Wine rack – Think outside the box by hanging a wine rack on the bathroom wall. Wine racks are beautifully decorative and also the perfect size for towels. Neatly roll up the bath towels and place them on the rack just like a bottle of wine.
  • Put a ring on it – For hand towels and wash clothes, towel rings are an easy solution. Towel rings can be installed directly on the wall if counter space is limited. On the other hand, for larger vanities, a free standing towel ring can be found at all home décor stores. Find a stand that will match your bathroom’s finishes.
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Large Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

For larger bathrooms, bath towels tend to be relegated to the cabinet below the sink to keep them out of sight. Yet, there are plenty of sophisticated and classy ways towels can be stored while incorporating them seamlessly into your bathroom’s style.

  • Ladder up – For the ideal blend of décor and utility, use a ladder. Perfect for bathrooms with a rustic, farmhouse, or shabby chic style, ladders will add a fun splash of personality while also providing a great place for storage. Towels can be stacked or draped directly on the rungs.

Tip: Need even more storage? Try hanging wire baskets from the rungs to create even more space.

  • Use a bucket – Bathroom towel storage does not need to be complex to be tasteful. A chic and simple way to store towels while also keeping them readily available to guests is to place a large basket of rolled towels next to the shower or bathtub.
  • Wicker baskets – Just like the counter idea above, wicker also makes for an ideal floor bucket because it matches many décor styles, holds strong in moist environments, and is easy to move if needed.
  • Linen-lined wire baskets – For bathrooms with an industrial or farmhouse look, instead try a linen-lined wire basket. These are also light and easy to move while keeping a high-end appearance. The linen lining will preserve the towels’ freshness while they wait to be used.
  • Don’t be hampered – Organizing towels in large bathrooms can be as simple as adding another hamper. Just like a spa, a clean hamper and dirty hamper can be placed side by side so guests can pick out a fresh option to use as needed. This is an especially handy idea for households hosting a large number of guests. Simply roll towels and stack into the clean hamper. Be sure to clearly designate which hamper is which.

Master Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

Master bathrooms may be the largest bathroom in the house, but they are still prone to looking cluttered if bath towels are not properly stored and organized. Step up your storage game with these out-of-the-box ideas to create the most spacious bathroom in the house.

  • Bring the heat – Add a luxurious touch to your bathroom with a heated towel rack. Heated towel racks are available in every color to match the finishes already in the bathroom. Larger towels can be placed along the lower rungs, with hand towels at the top to maximize bathroom towel storage. Pro tip: heat is a critical part to keeping bath towels soft!
  • Go on a roll – Do no overlook the power of a rolling cart! Small rolling carts or repurposed bar carts are perfect because they can be easily moved throughout the bathroom while also providing ample storage space for bulky towels.

Tip: Place a few candles on your rolling cart to add mood lighting and an aromatherapy boost.

  • Add a side table – For those that enjoy relaxing in the tub, a side table is a must. Compact, two-tiered side tables are a glamorous addition to place beside large soaker tubs. Side tables give a more permanent appearance compared to a rolling cart. Bathroom towels can be neatly layered on the lower tier for a tidy stack within arm’s reach. Meanwhile, bath necessities such as soap, bath bombs, and a good book can be placed on the top level.

Whether working with a small half-bathroom or a grand master bathroom escape, organizing towels can feel like a chore. However, rather than tucking them away or using up needed space in the linen closet, try utilizing one of the many ideas above for an elegant way to store and present bath towels. Find the perfect option that suits your style.

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Authored by Brooke Holden on August 10th, 2020.
Brooke is a resident home textile expert at Wove. She enjoys simplicity, style, and sustainability in everything she reviews. By day she’s a professional interior designer and by night she’s scouring the web for the best towels, blankets, clothing, and everything in between!